Using Microsoft PowerPoint to make a karaoke song

You can make an english or chinese karaoke song by using the PowerPoint (PP) Program. First you need some images, the song lyrics, the song file (in wav format) in addition to the PP program.
Follow the steps below:
– Create a folder in your hard disk directory.
– Put all your pictures (images) and the song file in this folder.
– Open up the PP program.
– Select “blank” presentation; save file with a suitable file name.
– Create as many blank slides as required.
– Choose color of background for all slides.
– Use first slide to write the title of song.
– Insert picture to each slide and type the lyrics.
– Insert song in the 1st slide.
– Put a “tick” on “Automatic after” only and enter transition time required.
– Check and fine-tune the timing of lyrics to song timing.
– Put an “End” slide to show end of song.
– Playback song to confirm timing of lyrics to song is OK.

View Sample: click link and view


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