How to Burn a DVD Movie Disc

You bought a camcoder, took some movies in an event. Now you want to burn your movies into playable DVDs on standard DVD players. Here is one of the ways to achieve it.

Download your video movies from your camcoder
1) Make a new folder in My Videos in My Document Folder, say call it “Birthday Party”.
2) Put your camcoder disc in CD-Rom drive and copy and paste it into the Folder you have just created in My Videos (in My Document). [If your camcoder storage media is not on CD but on tape, then you have to connect your camcoder (with a suitable interface cable) between the camcoder and the computer to allow proper transfer of the movie files from your camcoder to the computer.]

Burning a Movie copy onto a blank DVD-R disc
1) First you need to have a DVD writer installed in your computer together with a proper “burning” software program – normally a free copy is given together with your purchase of your DVD writer [a Nero program].
2) Put a blank DVD-R disc in the CD-Rom drive.
3) Open “Nero” program by double clicking the Nero icon.
4) From “CD/DVD” option, change to “DVD” option.
5) Select “Photo and Video” and “Make your own DVD-Video”.
6) Close the “Tips” page (if any).
7) Select “Add video Files”
8] Go back to “My Document” and “My Videos” and select the video file or files you have earlier put in the new Folder (called Birthday Party).
9) Open up until you can see all the video files. They look like the following (in some models of camcoders):

VIDEO_01_2.VOB … and so on.

10) Make sure you have selected ALL the video files by left clicking the mouse on the first file and then press shift + left clicking mouse on the last file [in this way, you have selected or highlighted in blue ALL the files], then click OPEN.
11) When asked under “Nero Vision Essentials, answer Yes.
12) The computer will so some conversion [writing] for a few minutes – depending on size of files in the movies.
13) When finish, click Next.
14) When “Tips” menu appears, close it and click Next.
15) Another “Tips” menu appears, closed it and click Next.
16) Nero Vision Essentials page comes out, click Yes and close “Tips” menu.
17) You can click (select) “Volumn Name” and change to any name you wanted, say you name it “Birthday Party” [note no spacing].
18) Now, you are ready to burn disc by clicking “Burn”
19) After sucessful burning, you can test the DVD-R disc on a standard DVD player. It should work with sound and pictures.
Happy recording !