Burning a DVD using Vista OS

The latest Mircrosoft Operating System (OS), Vista, comes with many features and sub-programs. One is the Movie Making – a program which you can collate all your tour pictures and present it as a Slide Show – just like using Mircosoft PowerPoint in Microsoft Office. The other useful feature I found out is burning data or pictures onto a blank DVD -R disc. Here is how you go about it:

1) First, organize all your data or pictures into a “Folder”, preferably in My Document Folder.
2) Next, ensure you have a DVD Re-writerable CD-Rom.
3) Put a blank DVD -R disc into the CD-Rom drive.
4) After a short while, a menu will pop up, called AutoPlay.
5) Select “Burn files to Disc – using Windows”
6) Next, “Burn a Disc” menu will come out – change Disc Title as required and click Next.
7) Computer will then automatically “format” the blank disc and when completed will bring you directly to the File Directory.
8)  Go to the Folder where you have stored the data or pictures and click on the Folder.
9) All the files in this Folder will be transferred to the Right Hand Side of the page.
10) If what you wanted to burn (all the data and pictures) is all included, you then can click the word “burn” on the top of the menu bar.
11) Once completed, you can eject the Disc and re-insert into the CD-Rom drive to check that the Disc is burnt correctly.