Mobile Woes – Simple DIY they do not tell you

Most of us own at least one set of mobile phone. What happens if it did not work the way it used to be.
I have this experience – the touch screen is not responding well. I brought it to the service center.
Me – my mobile touch screen is not working well.
Service – the minimum charge is $90 to check and replace the screen.
Me – what happens if no part is replaced.
Service – the charge is still $90.
Me – not believing a new, good quality & branded mobile can failed me, I refuse to accept the service.
I brought the mobile home, removed the battery and just put it aside.
A week later, I put the battery back, the mobile phone is forced to download the operating system from the brand provider.
Follow the setup procedure and there, the mobile behaves as new  and work normally!
Like a PC, sometimes we only need to reinstall the mobile operating system.


Laughing is Healthy


Laughing is healthy.
You need to laugh.
Humor is healty.
Do you think enough about this aspect of your health?
If all your anxieties give you wrinkles in your heart,
you will soon have wrinkles on your face.
Laughing frees you.
Humor relaxes you.
A laugh can free you from needless intensity.
A laugh is the best cosmetic for your outside
and the best medicine for your insides.
If your laugh-muscles work regularly
your digestions will improve,
your appetite will be stimulated
and your blood pressure will stay down.
Humor gives you a sense of proportion.
Laughter and fun don’t only influence your metabolism,
but also your surroundings.
They lessen the tensions and the tears.
Laughter and fun free you from that deadly earnestness
about leaden problems,
free you from that miserable daily drag.
Laughter and fun are the best remedies
for the drugging of your heart and mind.
Laughter and fun open out new spaces
for the still known joys of life.
A day when you don’t laugh, is a lost day.