Using Excel – Sorting

If you are working on an Excel sheet and you have a column with many categories (i.e. every row has a different category or type or value). You can add a “sorting” or filtering to the column.  Ensure the row directly on top of the first category entry is the Title of the column. Next place the cursor on the title of the column you wish to have this filtering feature. Go to Data on the menu bar and click “Filter”. That’s it. If you wish to remove this feature, just place the cursor on the title of the column and press the “Filter” one more time. By the way, I am using Excel 2007 to explain this. The following exercise is good for the teachers. You are entering the marks of every student and their performance in every subject. You can, by sorting, find out which student is all-rounder the strong/weak or some students are good in a few subjects and particularily weak in certain subjects.

For those using XP operating system and Excel 2003, the only step different  is from “Go to Data” – click “Filter” then one more step – click “Autofilter”.  Happy computing!


Home Networking

You have more than one computer at home and would like to share the files between or among them. This is how you can go about it.  Here, I am describing it using Vista and Windows 7  O.S. For the two or more computers, configure each one as follows:

1)First set a common Network Name. Go to Control Panel – System – change settings – then change the “Workgroup” to any other unique name, e.g.  “joy123”.

2) Next, in each computer, click the bottom left hand corner Windows icon – Computer -then right click the drive or drives you allow to share the files. Click Properties – Sharing – then click “Advanced Sharing”.
3) Check “Share this folder”.
4) Next Set the Share name. Normally, the Drive letter will come out. You can add a few more letters to the Drive letter,
e.g. “c-120gb”
5) Limit the number of simultaneous users to 1.
6) Click Apply then OK.
7) Repeat Steps 2 to 6 if you have another Drive in the same computer for sharing.
8) Repeat Steps 1 to 7 if you have another computer to configure.

Now after the above is done, you have to log on to each computer to allow networking to work.
1) Click the bottom left hand corner Windows icon – All programs – Accessories – Windows Explorer.
2) Then click Network and choose the computer & Drive you would like to share with your computer you are now working on. 
3) When you click the Drive of another computer, a User name and password will pop up.
4) Key in the Computer User Name (without the -PC) and password.
5) Then you can access all the files in this computer.
6) You can repeat the above for another computer.
7) That’s all folks.
8) Happy Networking !