How to make a Karaoke Song using Windows Movie Maker

In one of my earlier posts, I described how to make a karaoke song using Microsoft PowerPoint.
You can also use Windows Movie Maker (which comes together with the Windows Operating System software). Here is how you go about it …

1) Prepare one or sufficient quantity of images to fill up the complete song.
2) Embed song lyrics to each image by using PowerPoint program.
3) Find one song file in “wav” format.
4) Put all these raw files in one new file folder.
5) Open the windows movie maker (WMM) program.
6) Save as a new project via: File – save project as –
7) Import all the prepared images and song file to the WMM.
8) Drag and place the song file to the “audio/music” timeline.
9) If you have a title slide, put this one first onto the “video” timeline.
10) Check the time required before the song “starts”.
11)Drag and place the first song slide after the “title” slide.
12) Check the time required for all the words sung and adjust the timeline accordingly.
13) Repeat process with the second and the third song slides and so on until the complete song is sung.
14) Check completed song on timing and fine tune when necessary.
15) After everything is in order, go to “publish” the song in “avi” format.
16) One song with about 3+ minutes duration requires about 1GB of memory.

View sample: click link


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