How to Restore a Laptop Computer to Factory Settings without a Recovery Disc

Most laptops from 2007 onwards, especially those running on Windows 7, do not have a recovery disc provided. Instead, manufacturers added a set of files in a hidden partition on the hard drive.

To proceed with this recovery, all your data and added programs in the computer will be deleted. If you decided to do this, proceed as follows:

1) Ensure the laptop is connected to external AC power source.
2) First force your computer to shut down by pressing the ON/OFF button for ten seconds or more.
3) Press the (0) zero key and at the same time tap the ON/OFF button once to switch on the computer.
4) When the computer starts beeping, release the (0) key.
5) When prompted by the warning message, select “Yes” to continue with the system recovery.
6) Select Recovery to Factory Default and click “Next”
7) Select Recovery to out-of-box state or any other similar statement. Click Next again.
8) Click Next to Start Recovery.
9) Do not switch OFF or interrupt the Recovery process.


Configuring Windows 8 Operating System to write Chinese

At the Start Page …

1) Move mouse to top right hand corner and click “Select”
2) Select and click “Control Panel” Apps (somewhere at the last column)
3) At the Control Panel, select and click “Language” icon
4) Add a language
5) Select “Chinese (Simplified)” then click “open”
6) Select “Chinese (Simplified, Singapore)” then click “Add”
7) Click “Option” and download “Chinese Simplified Language pack” – (134MB).
8) Restart the computer.

Note: To shift between English and Chinese language, press “Windows key & Space Bar” – toggle

Briefing on How to Create a Karaoke Song on 22-06-2013 (Sat)

EVENT CANCELLED owing to the haze situation

For the next three monthly (2-hourly sessions) ITIG meetings @ Leng Kee Community Club (July/Aug/Sept), we will show you how to create a Karaoke Song of your choice. You need to have the following:

1)  A laptop with Microsoft Office installed.
2)  About 30-35 images (pictures). It can be your tour or family photos, etc.
3)  A song file (English/Chinese) of your choice in wav format (around 3 minutes).
4)  Song lyrics
5)  A thumb drive (>2 GB)
6)  For those who do not have a laptop, you can group together to share. You find your own partners.

For those who are interested, but do not have or do not know how to meet the above (1 to 4) requirements, you can come to Marina Centre (after our photo walk) to have a briefing discussion. For Requirement 2, you can meet it if you join us for the photo walk starting at 3.30PM from Raffles Place MRT.

In order not to create a nuisance in the food court, we have to limit the number of people coming to around 15.  Instead of coming to the briefing, you can also email me.

Details of the briefing session are as follows:

Date: 22-06-2013 (Saturday) EVENT CANCELLED
Time: 7.00PM – 8.00PM
Place: Marina Center Food Court (The Gallerie)

Registration for those coming for the Briefing Session:
1) Gingko Tay
2) Boon Liang
3) Janet Chan
4) Andrew Yeung
5) Karen Thio
6) Annie Loh
7) Richard Wong
8) ChristinaCL (tentative)
9) Bobby Bok
10) Sally Kang
11) Lam HT (not coming)
12) Bee Gek (not coming)
13) Shirleen Kao
14) Audrey Wong (not coming)
15) Helen T Wong
16) Helen Kuek
17) Lily Ho Willocq
18) Registration closed.