Working with Windows 8

How to Start:
Turning ON Windows 8:-

  • Switch ON computer
  • Press Windows +”D” Keys
  • Enter password and press <Enter>
  • Click “Desktop” icon.

Press Windows key & Space Bar to change Language.

How to End:
Turning OFF Windows 8:-

  • Go to START page
  • Push mouse to top right hand corner
  • Select and click “Settings”
  • Click “Power” and select “Shut down”


Under Action Centre:

When doing “Recovery” action, if you select “Create a Recovery Drive”, ENSURE that the portable external drive selected is a NEW DRIVE or WITHOUT DATA in the drive.This is because the Windows 8 operating system will completely format the drive and re-create two partitions – one to store the recovery data and the other left unformatted for your other use (without Warning).

You can alternatively create a system repair disc with a DVD-R instead.


Karaoke Song Creation on 20-07-2013 (Saturday)

This is the first of a 3-sessions course on Karaoke Song Creation.

Topic: Editing and managing the background images (Session 1)
Date: 20-07-2013 (Saturday)
Time: 3PM to 5PM
Venue: Leng Kee Community Club (5-minutes walk from Redhill MRT)
Course Fee: Free (no charge)

You can either use your own background images and/or song or use what is provided (background images and song). If you want to use your own images, make sure you have about 20 images. If you want to use your own song, make sure you also have the lyrics. Put all your images and song file in a thumb drive.

The first session will focus on all the pictures/images you have to form the background of each slide. We will show you how to manage and do simple image editing.

The second session (in August) will focus on the song files and the song lyrics. We will show you how to get your song and convert it to the required WAV format. With suitable software program, we will show you how to combine the background image with the song lyrics and insert onto the Power Point file.

The third session (in September) will focus on slide transitions to create the karaoke song of our choice. Playback the song to check whether everything is done correctly.

For those interested, please bring along (to the classroom) the following:

1) a laptop computer with Microsoft Office installed (laptop with 3G mobile plan, if you have one).
2) a thumb drive with more than 2GB capacity.
3) about 20 pictures of your choice if you want to use your own pictures.
4) a song file of your choice and the lyrics if you prefer your own song.

For those who do not have a laptop, you can “share” with your friend in the learning.

Those registered coming for the three Sessions Course:

1) Noelle Tan
2) Karen Thio
3) Sally Kang
4) Gingko Tay
5) Andrew Yeung
6) Bobby Bok
7) Annie Loh

Those registered for Other Sessions (August & Sept)
1) ChristinaCL Chan (Sessions 2 & 3)
2) Judy Lim (keep in loop)
3) Agnes Seow (Sessions 2 & 3)
4) Shirleen Kao (Sessions 2 & 3)