High Tea with a small Group of 6 pax, anyone? (19-09-2013 – Thursday)

I chanced to come across a cafe with good ambience, good quality bread & confectionery, quiet and good for relax casual conversation. This cafe has a small sitting area. The problem with large group is that not everyone can sit at one table in a large gathering (in any cafe). This will result in many sub-groups formed. To have effective conversation, a small group is desired, possibly 6 pax including me (for this gathering). We have to be mindful these type of outlets (proposed for 19/9) are not suitable for large gathering and long sitting.  To be considerate, we will not spend more than 90 minutes in the shop. If longer time is necessary, we can adjourn to the food court upstairs.

Details of the first gathering and sharing are as follows:

Objective: Getting to know each other better through sharing our skills, life experiences, etc.
Place: Within the NEX Mall (Serangoon)
Date: 19-09-2013 (Thursday)
Time: 3PM to 5PM
Menu: Desserts with a cup of coffee/tea cost less than $7.00 or you can just order a drink.
Meeting place: Serangoon Station (north-east line) – control room/office.

We will start walking to the cafe at 3.05pm.

Invitation will be sent to the first five confirmed participants.

If this idea of networking is well received, I may consider to have it on a monthly basis, say every 3rd Thursday of each month. Venue can change but the basic awareness of good ambience, reasonable expenditure and healthy food to be the prime consideration. The number of participants possible will depend on the sitting arrangement at the next proposed venue.

Criteria for invitation for the next gathering:

Though invitation is based on first-come first-served, we will hold back the confirmation – on those who have just attended the last month (for the balance 50% number) to allow new members to have a chance to meet new friends – until one week prior to the event date.

Those registered coming:
1) James Tan CL (not coming)
2) Geraldine Ting
3) Susan Chong
4) Barbara Lim
5) Andrew Yeung
6) Noelle Tan
Registration is now closed.


Karaoke Song Creation on 21-09-2013 (Saturday)

This is the final of a 3-sessions course on Karaoke Song Creation using Microsoft Power Point program.
 In this session, we will learn about transition between slides in Microsoft Power Point program. What this mean is that the song lyrics on each slide are in-sync with the singing.

We will compile the images, lyrics and song file into a karaoke song with suitable transition timings between slides.

Topic: Karaoke Song compilation (transition timings)
Date: 21-09-2013 (Saturday)
Time: 3PM to 5PM
Venue: Leng Kee Community Club (5-minutes walk from Redhill MRT)
Course Fee: Free (no charge).

Bring your laptop if you want hands-on. 
The classroom can only accommodate 20 persons and registration will close at 20.

Those registered coming:
1) Peter Loo
2) Vivian Lai
3) James Tan CL
4) Christina Chan CL
5) Jazzmine Soh
6) Agnes Seow
7) Richard Wong
8) Bobby Bok
9) Joy Chuang
10) Tong Ang
11) Noelle Tan
12) Dorine Tan

Karaoke Song Creation on 24-08-2013 (Saturday)

This is the second of a 3-sessions course on Karaoke Song Creation.
In this 2nd session, we will focus only on Songs and Song Files (English & Chinese).

Discussion and hands-on will touch on playback (of songs) on any device, finding your choice karaoke song in the Internet, download/convert and even ripping from your music CDs. Bring your music CD if you want a class demonstration.

Topic: Managing the karaoke song file.
Date: 24-08-2013 (Saturday)
Time: 3PM to 5PM
Venue: Leng Kee Community Club (5-minutes walk from Redhill MRT)
Course Fee: Free (no charge).

Bring your laptop with Internet connection if you want hands-on.
The classroom can only accommodate 20 persons and registration will close at 20.

If you have Learn iT, you can Apply iT and enjoy Living with iT!

Those registered coming:
1) Noelle Tan (#)
2) Karen Thio (confirmed)
3) Sally Kang (confirmed)
4) Gingko Tay (confirmed)
5) Andrew Yeung (confirmed)
6) Bobby Bok (confirmed)
7) Annie Loh (#)
8) Christina Chan (confirmed)
9) Judy Lim (confirmed)
10) Agnes Seow (not coming)
11) Richard Wong (confirmed)
12) Daisy Yeo (#)
13) Shirleen Kao (confirmed)
14) Vivian Lai
15) Caroline Gee
16) Helen T Wong
17) John Howe
18) Jazz Soh
19) Myra Chia (not coming)
20) Dan Huang
21) Sally Tan
Registration is now closed.

Note: (#) Based on the fact that some of you have attended the 1st session and/or those informed me through email that you will come for the 2nd onwards sessions – I have put your names as coming. If you are not coming for the 2nd session, please let me know and free the space for others.

After the course, you will be able to create a karaoke song of your choice like this one. Click to view example.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kykmyynkkC4