Using MS Office (Excel) – (17-05-2014, Saturday)

Microsoft Office (Excel) is a wonderful spreadsheet program. We can use it to develop our own family budget planning. I am no financial guru but a person who through life had managed other people’s money (as a purchaser). The bottom line is always the final balance sheet, the IN and OUT of money flow and how justify we are to spend the way it was spent. There is no one answer to every solution. If it is our own money, then plan and spend it wisely.

My intended talk, with details below, will just demonstrate to you the effects of any change in monthly income (gain or lost) will affect your projected family lifestyle.

Topic: How to prepare a family annual budget using Microsoft Office (Excel)
Date: 17.05.2014 (Saturday)
Time: 3.00PM to 5.00PM
Attendance Fee: Free (no charge)
Venue: Leng Kee Community Centre (Nearest MRT – Redhill MRT)
Venue changed to Queenstown Community Centre (Nearest MRT – Queenstown)

Address: 365, Commonwealth Ave, Singapore 149732.

Prerequisite: Understand basic computing and bring your laptop with MS Office installed if you have one.
Owing to classroom size, registration will stop at 20.

Those registered coming:
1) Veronica Lau
2) Lau Mui Huang
3) Olivia Ros
4) See Hian Cheong
5) Sylvia Ang
6) Annie Loh Lay Kheng
7) Lilian Teo
8) Jacqueline Wong (not coming)
9) Maureen Lee
10) Lee Keng Mun
11) Yew Tiong
12) Ronald Lam
13) Laura Ng
14) Yatsing
15) Yew Kwong
16) June Koh
17) Doreen Tay
18) Jennifer Wu
19) Edward Lim
20) Priscilla Wee
21) Vivian Lai
22) Registration is now CLOSED.