How to download Apple Apps or Apply for a New Apple ID

Before you can download Apple Apps to Apple iPad or Apple iPhone, you need to create an Apple ID to your device. The easiest way to go about it is to do the following: 1) Open the App Store then click the iTune App on your Apple device (iPad or iPhone). 2) Next, find the words “sign in” and click it. 3) Now click “Create New Apple ID”. Follow the instructions and sign up for a New Apple ID. Once you have created the Apple ID account on your iPad or iPhone, future downloading of any free App only need to type in your Apple ID password. Please note, if you wish to buy any App program, you need to provide your visa card details when creating the Apple account. Apple remembers what you have purchased or downloaded. As with any IT equipment, the hardware in any smart devices (including Apple iPad and iPhone) go obsolete in a very short period of time (in particular, the processor). So when you are using an old smart device, say two or three generation old, some of the newer Apps (or even the operating system) may not be able to download as they may have compatible issues.


What is an iPad or a Tablet?

iPad or Tablet is a portable computer. When purchase under its original package, it only contains the equipment, the battery charger and a set of earphones.

Besides the advantage of portability the iPad and tablet have over the standard desktop & laptop computer is its size and weight.
Actually, iPad and tablet can do almost anything the desktop/laptop computer (or any computing device) can do.
Now then, what is an iPhone or smartphone?
Primarily, in the early days, the digital (smart) phones are used for voice communication and short messaging (SMS). With the advancement of digital technology, nowadays the iPhone/iPad, smartphone/tablet can perform any practical stuff with one piece of equipment including doing video monitoring for your home.

Basically, there are three main types of these smart devices in the market and they are:

1) iPhone/iPad by Apple using their own propriety Apple operating system (iOS)
2) smartphone/tablet by other brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Xiaomi, etc. using the Android (open) operating system
3) smartphone/tablet by Nokia using their own propriety Microsoft Windows 8 operating system.

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IT Camp for the K-12

Do you have any grandchildren who are savvy with smart devices and the computer? This year-end school holidays, I am organizing one IT Camp for the K-12 (i.e. those kids who have just completed the PSLE exams).

Details of the IT Camp are as follows:
Theme: To learn how to do digital storytelling.
Duration of Course: 6-sessions (3-hours each)
Time: 9.00 am to 12 noon
Dates: 8/12, 10/12, 12/12, 15/12, 17/12 & 19/12/2014
Venue: Telok Blangah (nearest MRT – HarbourFront NE Line)
Course fee: $60 per participant (parents to leave children in the class)
Maximum participants per run: Six (I only have six computers)
Registrations on first come first served after confirmation of course fee paid.

Course Contents: Participants will learn how to use their own resources (e.g. images, music and text) to develop a story using the Microsoft Windows Movie Maker. The topic of the story can be the participants’ personal experiences with events like wedding functions, birthday parties, touring other countries, or just a visit to the Gardens, etc. Images (photos) can be from the photo albums or download from the iPhone/camera. About 20-30 photos are required.

Prerequisite: Participants to have a basic knowledge of the computer and the Internet.

Please email me ( if you have any clarification.

Using Microsoft Windows Movie Maker

I am organising a 3-sessions course on using Microsoft Windows Movie Maker program. It will be on three Fridays in October from 2PM to 5PM. The course can only accept a maximum of six participants.

Those interested are requested to attend a briefing and also to confirm in writing that you are coming and would like to be registered.  Details of the briefing session are as follows:

Date: 27-09-2014 (Saturday)
Time: 3PM to 5PM
Venue: City Hall Food Court (MRT – City Hall)
Meeting Place: Just outside ticket gates @ City Hall MRT
We will start walking to food court @ 3.05PM.

The following are registered and confirmed coming:
1) Winne Tan
2) Bobby Bok
3) Lilian Teo
4) See Hian Cheong
5) Jassmine Teo