Cloud Computing

  1. What is Cloud Computing (Storage)? Simply put it – it is about storing and sharing of digital information. You store your digital information in one provider’s computer system and they manage the storage space assigned to you with all the necessary backup systems, unwanted virus and privacy protection, etc.Cloud computing providers will allow all account holders to share the common computer storage facility available at a cost, on monthly basis. Higher the storage space required, higher is the cost applicable. Normally, all these providers will give you an initial amount of “free” storage space to encourage you to sign on eventually. All digital data (digital documents, photos, movies, videos, songs, etc.) stored in the Cloud is accessible through the Internet (web based system).
  2. Who are the popular Providers of Cloud Computing?There are many Providers of Cloud Computing – from novice to business to scientific research applications, etc. The ones we are familiar with are:a) Youtube (for videos only)
    b) Microsoft One-Drive (for Windows based users)
    c) Apple iCloud (for iOS based users)
    d) Google Drive (with Gmail account)
    e) DropBox
  3. Can I open up a digital document (file) or play a video/movie directly from the Cloud Computing to my computer or tablet or smartphone?Here we are talking about file formats. How the digital document (file) or video/movie is “saved as”. If the digital document is created by Microsoft Office with the extension “.doc” or “.docx” then you need to have Microsoft Office installed in your receiving computer. Alternatively, you can download a free “viewer” from Microsoft Web site.Now videos and movies do have specific file extension. A movie with file extension “.mov” is created with QuickTime (QT) program and is best playback with QT player. So, in order you can playback a song or a movie, you need first to understand how the song or movie is created and then install the suitable player in your device (computer, tablet or smartphone) before you can successfully playback the digital content you have received.
  4. Why can’t all these developers fix to one standard file format?
    Some of the file formats … M4A, AIFF, MP3, MPEG, WAVE, JPEG, TIFF, WMV, AVI, RM, and MP4. Codecs = type of compression.
    Main reasons are, business niche, copyright and quality control of content and ownership of digital property.
  5. How do I share my files or videos with my friends?
    First you decide which Provider you would like to subscribe to. Follow the provider’s instruction and upload all the files to the provider’s cloud (or provider’s server). Next decide whom you want to share your file or files with. After you have marked all the files to “share” status, enter all the applicable email addresses of all your friends you have decided to share with. Inform your friends accordingly. There are three options you can tag against each email address, via 1) can edit, 2) can comment and 3) can view only.
  6. How do I know my privacy is safe guided? No one will guarantee you that your digital contents are 100% safely guided. Like any computer system, it is also subject to hacker’s risks. If it is a free account, some providers may seek your permission to allow them to make use of your digital contents for non-profit projects.

Photo Walk – Botanic & Orchid Gardens

This photo walk, we will be going to the Botanic Gardens and the National Orchid Garden.

We will meet at the Bus Stop (13019) in front of Gleneagles Hospital along Napier Road/Holland Road on the day and time stated below. We will start walking to the National Orchid Garden at 3.05PM. Entrance fee to the Orchid Garden is $1.00 for seniors (above 60 yrs) and $5.00 for adults.

How to go to the Bus Stop (13019) in front of Gleneagles Hospital along Napier Road/Holland Road?

Take train to Somerset MRT. Exit A (Bus Stop 3), up escalator and make a turn back to Somerset Road Bus Stop Number 08121. Take Bus Number 7, 77, 106, 123 or 174 to Gleneagles Hospital (about 7 bus stops away). Cross overhead pedestrian bridge to Bus Stop in front of the Hospital along Napier Road/Holland Road.

Date: 19th Sept 2015 (Sat)
Time:  3.00PM
Meeting Place: Bus Stop (13019) in front of Gleneagles Hospital along Napier Road/Holland Road.
Time to Commence Walk from meeting place: 3.05PM (Total walking and picture taking time is about 2½ hours).

Those registered coming:
1) Siew Lee
2) Molly Wee
3) Alicia Kee
4) Shamimah (not coming)
5) Esther Lim
6) Winnie Tan (not coming)
7) Susan Chong (not coming)
8) Joan Ang

Using FaceTime & Skype

Topic: E-Communication (Learn how to FaceTime with iPhones & iPads and using Skype with android smartphones & tablets)

Date: 12th September 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 3PM to 5PM
Venue: Bukit Merah Library
Admission is Free.

Those registered coming:
1) Joy Chuang
2) Lilian Teo
3) Freda Lim
4) Winnie Tan
5) Pauline Chew
6) Eyvonne Chew
7) Ann Giri
8) Priscilla Wee
9) Daisy Yeo
10) Edward Lim
11) Gingko Tay
12) Joan Ang (not coming)
13) Peter Loo
14) Jimmy Tsin
–) Maureen Lee (not coming)
15) Theresa Seow (not coming)
16) Wendy Lum