Learn how to Create a Blog (1st Run)

The two-days course will cover the ins-and-out of a blog, how to create and customise a blog using themes and layouts using WordPress publishing platform. During the hands-on, you will also learn how to add a title to the blog and suitable image header and use widgets like Search, Categories, Links, Archives, etc.

Pre-requisite: Know how to surf the Internet and actively using email. Having a data plan and WhatsApp is an advantage.

Course details …

Course: Creating a Blog (1st Run)
Dates: 2nd & 3rd of March, 2016
Time: 2.00PM to 3.30PM
Venue: Woodlands Regional Library (Silver Infocomm Junction)

Participants coming:

  1. Chiang Cheng Pun
  2. Shamimah Mujtaba
  3. Edwin Ong
  4. Edward Lee
  5. Rosalind Ong
  6. Teng Sin Hoon
  7. Kelvin Teh
  8. David Ho
  9. Lilian Hong
  10. May Uchida

Registration is now closed. For those 50+ seniors interested, please email me with your full name via hewlee@gmail.com.




Using Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System

Microsoft Windows 10 is the latest Microsoft operating system for all Windows based smartphones, tablet, laptop and PCs.

If you are caught with this Windows 10 operating system after purchasing a tablet or laptop or desktop PC, this is the opportunity for you to learn some tricks to tame the OS.

Topic: Using Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System
Date: 12th March 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 3.00PM to 5.00PM
Course Fee: Free (no charge)
Venue: Bukit Merah Library

For those who have the laptop or tablet installed with Windows 8 or 10 Operating System, please bring along to the class. Please fully charge your devices.

How to Write Chinese in Windows 10

Before you can write Chinese with Windows 10 operating system, you have to download the Chinese language pack.

  1. To install the Chinese language pack, first press the Windows logo + I
  2. Select “Time & Language”
  3. Select “Region & language”
  4. Click “Add a language”
  5. Select “Chinese Simplified”
  6. Select Chinese (Simplified, Singapore)
  7. Under language pack available, click “Option”
  8. Select “download language pack”
  9. When completed, there will be a word “ENG” at the bottom, right hand corner, within the task bar. This is for you to switch between English and Chinese language when writing the text in email or Words document – for Chinese using Hanyu Pinyin.