Coffee Chat @ HarbourFront

Over a cup of coffee/tea, drink or with snack, we have two solid hours of networking and getting to know each other better. All are welcomed.

The details:
Date: 18-June-2016 (Saturday)
Time: 3.00PM to 5.00PM
Venue: HarbourFront Food Court (3rd Level)
To make the gathering effective, we will limit the number of participants to not more than ten.

Those registered coming:
1) Hewlee
2) Johnny Loke (not coming)
3) Jade Liu
4) Kelvin Teh
5) Peter Loo
6) Keng Mun
7) Robert SK Tan
8) Sally Teo (not coming)
9) Laura Ng
10) Priscilla Wee (not coming)
11) Freda Lim
12) Peter Tiu
13) Allison (not coming)
14) Teng Sin
15) Joe Chin




Viewing StarHub Channels on your Smart Devices

To see your StarHub TV Channels (at home) on your Apple iPad or laptop computer or a good tablet using your house wireless Wi-Fi network.

Environment Required:

  1. Have a wireless Wi-Fi Internet connection at home
  2. Have a StarHub TV channels plan
  3. Have an Apple iPad or laptop computer or a good tablet with suitable browser


  • With your StarHub bill details; sign up for a StarHub – Hub iD.
    Go to StarHub web site via
  • After successfully signed up with a user name (email address) and password, go to Starhubgo TV via
  • If you are using your iPad or tablet, first you need to download the StarHub App named “StarHub Go”.
  • For any device you are using, first you need to sign in with your StarHub Hub-iD.

Please Note:

a) The TV channels within the “Live TV” grouping is included in your StarHub TV plan. That is, no additional charge when viewing these channels on your portable device.

b) However, others are chargeable either by monthly or other arrangements. Please check carefully before viewing any channel or movie not included in your original StarHub TV channel plan.

How to Reset your PC in Windows 10

If your PC is not running well, resetting it might help. This lets you choose to keep your files or remove them, then re-install Windows – when you choose Option A mentioned below. Option B is more advance and gives you more choices.

You start by starting your PC to the usual START screen.

  1. Once at the start screen, press Windows logo + I (to Settings)
  2. Select “Update & Security”
  3. Click “Recovery” in the left pane
  4. Now you have two Options; either Option A to “Reset this PC” or Option B “Advanced Start-up”.
  5. Choose Option A to “Reset this PC” by clicking “Get Started”. Follow the instructions thereon.

Use the PC a week or so to see whether your problem is solved. If not, you can come back and choose Option B for the “Advanced Start up” by clicking “Reset now”. Then …

  1. Choose an option “Troubleshoot”
  2. Next, choose “Reset this PC”
  3. Here, you have two further choices, if you have back-up all your personal pictures and files, you can choose “Remove everything”, i.e. it will remove all of your personal files, apps and settings.

Mirroring WhatsApp on your laptop or desktop

Environment Required:

a) To work on your laptop or desktop computer on WhatsApp, both the smartphone and your laptop or desktop computer must have successfully connected to the Internet. If in a house environment, both the smartphone and laptop or desktop computer will be connected to the same wireless house Wi-Fi network.

b) Both the smartphone and the laptop or desktop must be ON.

Detailed Configuration:

  1. Your smartphone must already have a WhatsApp account and is working properly.
  2. From the laptop or desktop, use your default browser and connect to URL”. Use the default Windows Edge browser if you are using Windows 10 or IE if you are using Windows 7. Once connected successfully, your will get a QR code (reload if it disappear).
  3. Now on your smartphone, touch the Whatsapp App. At the bottom right hand side, touch the “settings”.
  4. In the Settings page, touch the “WhatsApp Web/Desktop” setting.
  5. This will activate a “camera” for you to scan the QR code (with your smartphone) on your laptop or desktop. If the QR code disappears on the laptop or desktop – reload it by clicking the mouse on the QR code area.
  6. Bingo, you have just transferred all your WhatsApp data onto your laptop or desktop computer. That’s all you need to do. Now you can work either on your laptop or desktop or smartphone to communicate on WhatsApp.
  7. Now, for whatever reason, you wish to go back to your original arrangement of having your WhatsApp data only on your smartphone, you can just “log out” on your laptop or desktop. – On the left column, on top there are three vertical dots, just click on it and log out.
  8. Once you switch off your laptop or desktop, to go back to your WhatsApp page again, all you need to do is to start your browser and enter URL “”. This is provided you have not log out before switching OFF your laptop or desktop computer. If you have, then have to repeat the above Step 1 to Step 6 again.