iPlus Storage Device (for Apple iPhone, iPad)


iPlus Storage Device
Comes in 32GB, 64GB & 128GB

Notes on how to use iPlus as an External Drive
(to transfer photos from iPhone to desktop or laptop computer)

  1. Format iPlus using exFAT (default) on your desktop or laptop.
  2. Download the “iPlus Manager” App to your iPhone.
  3. Connect your iPlus to your iPhone.
  4. Open iPlus Manager app and touch Photo Album.
  5. Answer “OK” to allow iPlus Manager to access your photos on your iPhone.
  6. Next, go back to “Home” and touch “External” storage.
  7. Create the required new photo folders by touching “+” and select “New Folder”. Give appropriate names to the folders.
  8. Select the photo folder you wish to transfer copies of your photos from the iPhone to iPlus.
  9. Touch the “+” again and now select “From Library”.
  10. Select some or all photos to be copied.
  11. When copying is finished, touch “Done”.
  12. Now you still have the original photos in your iPhone photo album and one extra set in your iPlus storage.
  13. Now the iPlus can be inserted into your desktop or laptop using the USB end and it acts as an extra drive to your computer.
  14. You can now do a proper storage by transferring all the photos in your iPlus to your computer hard disk.
  15. With suitable CD-burning program in your computer, you can even burn a copy onto DVD disk for permanent storage.
  16. For every photo files transfer, it is recommended that you use a new file folder. This is to avoid (in case) two file images having the same file names and the later replaces the older ones ~ normally a warning is given for you to decide whether to replace or to keep both.
  17. Also, if you have a large amount of photos to transfer (1,000 or more), ensure your iPhone is fully charged to last the duration of the transfer. If not, do the transfer in parts.

IT Talk – Digital Photo Management (14-1-2017 ~ Saturday)

This talk will explain what is aperture, shutter speed and distance (in-focus). The talk will also touch on how to take good quality and creative pictures, including composition.

Most of the details of the talk is also applicable to cameras on iPhone and Smartphone. The main difference is ~ most camera settings are automatically adjusted by the camera program in the smart devices.

Topic: Digital Photo Management
Date: 14th Jan 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 3PM to 5PM
Venue: Bukit Merah Library

Direction: Nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru, exit and turn right, up escalator and take bus number 5 or 16 or 851 to end (Bukit Merah Bus Interchange). About 5 minutes walk to library.

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Also, for those who are interested in the Photo Walk detailed in the last Post,  please do write in to register for a place.

Photo Walk – Chinatown (07-01-2017)

Do you have a Story to tell?

Your wedding? Bringing up your children/grand children?
A memorable birthday party? or a tour you just completed? or just a collection of old photos?

You want to pass your memories to your children/grand children in a CD-Rom (playable in any CD-player) or just upload to your YouTube account.

To do any of the above, you need to either start collecting your photos or just go for a photo field trip to gather the images. Free training sessions will be organised.

For the above hands-on field trip around Chinatown, try to have about 30 good meaningful photos.
We will share with you how you can use your photos to create a movie (story) using Microsoft Windows Movie Maker (WMM) program. You can obtain more details of this Movie Making Course/Workshop if you come for our NEXT IT Talk in Bukit Merah Library on the 14th Jan 2017 at 3PM.

For those interested in the Photo Walk on 7th Jan, please email me at hewlee@gmail.com with your FULL name and mobile number. Incomplete information will not be considered.

To register for the IT Talk in 14th Jan 2017 in Bukit Merah Library, please note/do the following:

  1. Download the “NLB Mobile” App and register with NLB using your library account.
  2. After 25th Dec 2016, register for the IT Talk (Digital Photo Management) using the NLB App
    as follows:
    a) Touch the NLB Mobile icon
    b) Next touch the “Events” icon at the bottom bar
    c) On top the “Search Events” bar, type the words “it talk”
    d) Next touch the “Bukit Merah Library” words to go to details of the talk , scroll down and touch the word “Register” to register for the IT Talk.

Check out a sample of WMM by clicking the link below: