How to Register for IT Talk in Bukit Merah Library

  1. First, you need to download the “NLB Mobile” APP onto your mobile phone and register with your library membership account (the orange icon).
  2. After the 25th of the Month, the IT Talk for the following month will be published by NLB.
  3. Using the NLB APP, touch the NLB Mobile icon.
  4. Next, touch the “Events” icon at the bottom task bar.
  5. On top the “Search Events” bar, type the words “it talk”
  6. Next, touch the “Bukit Merah Library” words to go to details of the IT Talk.
  7. If the IT topic of the month is of interest to you, proceed with the registration by scrolling down and touch the word “Register”
  8. Complete the registration and “Submit”.
  9. You will receive an acknowledgement through email that your registration is successful.